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Hi! So good to meet you...

A people-person at heart, I just love learning and sharing stories of people in all forms! But for now, here is mine...

My Story

Thanks to my grandmother, who awed us all during reading time with vibrant character voices and animated action scenes, I experienced the joy of reading out loud at a very young age. Reading time, to me, was always so much more magical when it was shared with others, and I really struggled as a kid to sit down by all by myself with a book- then my mom bought me my first "Three Stories to Read to Your Cat" when I was about seven years old. I'm not sure my mother realized at the time how much the stare from that judgmental cat would drive me to perfect my performance of "The Icky Bug" but she was certainly a tough crowd, and I was certainly determined. Since then, I found I far preferred performing books, whether the cat is around to glare at me or not.

I have been an actress as a hobby off and on for the past 15 years, including directing and producing for a theatre club in my college years that put on student written, acted, and produced short plays. When I found voiceover, I was immediately excited about the idea of pursuing that interest professionally, and as I learned more about the technology in the industry, this artsy electrical engineering grad couldn't put together a home studio fast enough!

I have always loved fiction for the ability to explore themes and stories real life doesn't afford us, but in my professional career as an engineer in the telecom industry, I saw how much value well-read technical presentations and self-development books could add to a professional environment for those with limited time for extra reading. I found that audiobooks are an incredible tool for learning in a world that never stops changing, and I hope that as a narrator, I can open that door for someone else.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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